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Production Information

Day Old Chicks

We sell good quality day old broilers and layers at any of our outlets country wide

Broiler Feeds

Biyinzika Poultry international limited has specialized ranges of feed to provide the most suitable diet for the broiler farmer at different levels of production. We have formulated three types of broiler pellets namely Broiler starter/crumbles, broiler Grower and Broiler finisher. The aim is to optimize feed efficiency, and therefore

Layer Feeds

Biyinzika Poultry international limited has specialized ranges of feed for the different needs of layer farmers. There are five different types of feeds namely Chick starter given at 0-5 weeks, Grower from 6-9 weeks,Developer from 10-16 weeks,Pre lay from 16-19 weeks and Layer from 20 weeks on wards. Our focus is formulating feed for maximizing on-farm profits. In order to maximize the cost effectiveness of our rations, we have developed the Ideal Protein Profile with the correct ratio to energy. The optimum egg output at least cost, it’s the perfect balance. Our goal is for optimal nutritionally balanced feed, correct body development for all phases, target body weight for age, obtain uniformity for age, appropriate feather growth; maximize efficiency of the hens for egg production (feed to egg conversion) &maximizing egg weight.

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We are Biyinzika!

Biyinzika Poultry International Limited is involved in the business of parent stock for the production of Commercial Broilers and Layers. Incorporated in Uganda on 26th October 1990, the company has under gone steady development in Uganda’s poultry sector and currently produces 135,000 broiler chicks and 64,000 layer chicks per week..

Our Objectives

Production of pelleted /crumbled feeds


Production of one day old chicks. 


Production of specific food products such as unimix for WFP (united Nations – world food program) 


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