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Are you a poultry farmer or would you like to join the poultry business? You are kindly invited to Biyinzika Poultry International Ltd.’s 2nd annual Seminar scheduled on the 31st /August/2016 at Kenlon Hotel, Albert Cook Rd. in Mengo starting at 9.00am to 1:00 pm.

Come learn and discuss all the matters concerning poultry farming and also get to know more about our new products. Our experienced vet doctors will be available to answer and solve most of your queries.

For more information, please contact the following branches below;

Nateete Branch - +256-792-112235

Nateete Depot - +256-794-112211

Bwaise Branch - +256-792-112232

Johnson Street - +256-792-112213

We are Biyinzika!

Biyinzika is a leading poultry company in Uganda, and are soon to be a fully integrated poultry company. Our primary business is that of a Poultry Breeding company and have both layer breeders and broiler breeders producing Quality Day Old Chicks for the Ugandan poultry industry. We have a state of the art feed mill with grain storage silos for about 30,000 metric ton.

Our Objectives

Production of pelleted /crumbled Broiler feeds

Production of Mash feeds for Layers, Pigs, Dairy and Beef 

Production of Feed Concentrates

Production of Day old  Broiler chicks

Production of Day old Layer chicks

Production of specific food products such as unimix for WFP (united Nations – world food program) 

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