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Our Products


Pelleted chicken feed

We are proud to introduce a brand new product never seen before on the market in Uganda Pelleted/Crumbled feeds. Pellets /crumbled feed is a form of chicken feed that has been compressed into bite size pieces that are easy for chickens to eat and digest .Pelleted feeds are available in 70kg bags, 50kgs & 25kgs. They are available in all our outlets/branches throughout the country.


Day old chicks

We have been able to build a sizable clientele base which currently stands at market share of 50-60% in supplying day old chicks in Uganda.


Fortified Corn and Soya Blends (Csb)

Biyinzika produces unimix (corn & soya blend) fortified with vitamins and minerals. In 2001, extruders intended to make the corn and soya blend were installed with an operating capacity of 20 metric tonnes per day. The capacity has further gone up to 150 metric tonnes a day in the past four years.


Storage Silos

The company has grain storage silos with capacity of 23,600 metric tonnes and a feed mill capacity of 12.5 tonnes per hour. There is also a continuous dryer able to dry up to 800 metric tonnes in 24 hours .This storage facility has enabled the company to benefit from the commodity prices which are usually low at harvest time .The company purchases and stores produce , to use during the off season when prices increase.


Edible Oil (Bi-product)

The company now produces pure vegetable oil as a bi-product from the extrusion of soya using the oil press.

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We are Biyinzika!

Biyinzika is a leading poultry company in Uganda, and are soon to be a fully integrated poultry company. Our primary business is that of a Poultry Breeding company and have both layer breeders and broiler breeders producing Quality Day Old Chicks for the Ugandan poultry industry. We have a state of the art feed mill with grain storage silos for about 30,000 metric ton.

Our Objectives

Production of pelleted /crumbled Broiler feeds

Production of Mash feeds for Layers, Pigs, Dairy and Beef 

Production of Feed Concentrates

Production of Day old  Broiler chicks

Production of Day old Layer chicks

Production of specific food products such as unimix for WFP (united Nations – world food program) 

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