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About Us

Biyinzika Poultry International Limited is involved in the business of parent stock for the production of Commercial Broilers and Layers. Incorporated in Uganda on 26th October 1990, the company has under gone steady development in Uganda’s poultry sector and currently produces over 10 Million Broiler Day Old Chicks and 2 Million Layer Day Old Chicks per annum.

Being a key player in Uganda’s poultry industry, Biyinzika Poultry International Ltd owns several large farms for its poultry production in Mukono District. These include our Layer Breeder, Broiler Breeder and Commercial Broiler operations.  The company has two hatcheries with a total setting capacity of 1,620,000 eggs per month.

Our Products

  • Day Old Chicks
  • Broiler Feeds
  • Layer Feeds
Farm Animals

We have been able to build a sizable clientele base which currently stands at market share of 50-60% in supplying day old chicks in Uganda..


Biyinzika Poultry international limited has specialized ranges of feed to provide the most suitable diet for the broiler farmer at different levels of production. We have formulated three types of broiler pellets namely Broiler starter/crumbles, broiler Grower and Broiler finisher. The aim is to optimize feed efficiency, and therefore.


Biyinzika Poultry international limited has specialized ranges of feed for the different needs of layer farmers. There are five different types of feeds namely Chick starter given at 0-5 weeks, Grower from 6-9 weeks,Developer from 10-16 weeks,Pre lay from 16-19 weeks and Layer from 20 weeks on wards. Our focus is formulating feed for maximizing on-farm profits. In order to maximize the cost effectiveness of our rations, we have developed the Ideal Protein Profile with the correct ratio to energy

with 25 years experience

quality chicks and feeds are guaranteed

at the best prices in town.!





Mpigi Mpigi Town,Off Kampala-Masaka Highway,Butambala Road Opposite Office Of The District Registrar 0792112234
Wakiso Wakiso,Kumi 10 Miles Off Hoima Road At Kina Petrol Station 0792112206
Bukesa Hoima Road Before Nankulabye Opposite  Mengo Secondary School Near Back To God Church 792112231
Sseguku Sseguku,Mukaaga 6 Miles Off Entebbe Road Ssenkungu Road Before Hared Petrol Station

After Roofings Factory


Bwaise,Bombo Road

Basiima Building,Basement

Below Umeme Offices






Kitooro Town,Along Entebbe Highway

Before Entebbe Flight Motel

Opposite Gapco Petrol Station










Mukono, Jinja  Road

Near Nalubaale Guest House

Opposite Shell Petrol Station






Mbale, Kampala, Mbale  Via Tiriniyi  Highway

Tororo Road

2nd Entrance Of Mbale Bus Park

Next To M’koca Solar




Mbarara,High  Street

Ru Complex,Room 34

Near Uba Bank

Opposite Dfcu Bank





Mukono Depot

Mukono Depot,Jinja Road

Next To Igara Petrol Station

Opposite Oilcom Petrol Station




Old Kampala

Old Kampala  Road,Yiiga Chambers

Ground Level

Opposite  St Matia Mulumba Church






Old Masaka Road,Central Zone Nateete

Opposite Shell Petrol Station





Kansanga,Ggaba Road

Next Capital Forex Bureau

Opposite Barclays Bank






Kayunga, Kampala Road

15opposite Centenary Bank

Former Post Office Building






Kireka Town, Jinja Road

Opposite Kireka Police Station








Kafumbe Mukasa Road

Near Basajjabalaba Park

Behind Owino Market






Munaana, Gayaza  Road

Opposite  Sseeka Supermarket





Mubende Town, Kasana Road

Near Opportunity Bank

Opposite Kasana Play Ground






Gulu Town, Queens Avenue  Road

Next To Post Bank





Hoima Town,Fort Portal Road

Hoima Service  Station

Near Kabagambe Petrol Station





Iganga Main Street

Kubonaku Plaza, 1stfloor

Near Post Bank

Opposite Barclays Bank

Container  Depot Container Village,Nakivubo Road Jk Enterprises Building Shop Number Ka 13 And Ka 12 Opposite  Equity Bank


Kasana Town,Kampala Gulu-Highway Opposite  Petrol City  Petrol Station 30 Metres Before Crane Bank 0794112206
Ntinda Ntinda, Ssemataba Road Opposite Tuskys’ Supermaket After Send A Cow Offices 0791112209
Johnson Street Plot 3,Johnson Street 0792112213
Fort Portal Fort Portal Town,Ruhandika Street Next To Uba Bank Opposite Ura  Offices 0790010120
Jinja Jinja Town,Kuth  Road Opposite  Kisa Kyamukama Shopping Arcade 0791112398
Container Container  Village Cooper Building,Shop Number 36 0792112236
Kisoro Kisoro Town,Kabale-Kisoro-Bulagala Road Next To Terrace Land Restaurant Opposite Crane Bank 0775199658
Mityana Miyana Town,Mityana –Fort Portal  Road Opposite Total Petrol Station 0792112241
Masindi 0791124795

Why Choose Us

Many Of Our Customers are loyal to us because;

  • We have been in business for 25 years, so our expertise can be trusted, and we have also put a lot of expertise, time and effort into our breeders/chickens, so our product it dependable.

  • Our quality chicks and Feeds are guaranteed.

  • We offer free advice from our trained Veterinary Doctors on how to rear chicks and disease management. We also conduct free seminars one every three months teaching farmers on poultry management.

  • We have great customer service, and customers don’t have to wait for long periods of time to receive their birds.
  • We have 31 branches across the country, which means that we are conveniently located to serve you better.
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We are Biyinzika!

Biyinzika is a leading poultry company in Uganda, and are soon to be a fully integrated poultry company. Our primary business is that of a Poultry Breeding company and have both layer breeders and broiler breeders producing Quality Day Old Chicks for the Ugandan poultry industry. We have a state of the art feed mill with grain storage silos for about 30,000 metric ton.

Our Objectives

Production of pelleted /crumbled Broiler feeds

Production of Mash feeds for Layers, Pigs, Dairy and Beef 

Production of Feed Concentrates

Production of Day old  Broiler chicks

Production of Day old Layer chicks

Production of specific food products such as unimix for WFP (united Nations – world food program) 

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  P.O.BOX 8646
 Block A, 4th Floor, Nakawa Business       Park - Kampala
For All Sales Enquiries  -  0791112227